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The Electrical Fire: Bubble Moon

The Electrical Fire creator, Anthony Barounis is the Andy Warhol of music with in-your-face originality and edge. –Indie Mirror


The Electrical Fire is an electronically-produced dance-punk outfit created by Anthony Barounis in the spring of 2002. Barounis spent ten years learning the ins and outs of digital music production before sharing his material with his 2012 debut album, Don’t They Know. Inspired by a short story that he wrote, the album evokes feelings of tranquility and optimism with an underlying sense of danger. Following the album, Barounis completed his first film project, Ride Crazy: The Single Man March. The film premiered on January 14, 2013 at Kendall Square Cinema in Cambridge, MA with a nearly-sold out screening. The event raised over $1,000 for Wounded Warrior Project and the film has been screened several times since, working with organizations such as Bikes Not Bombs and the Watertown Veterans Association. The film was featured in the Boston Globe, who hailed The Electrical Fire’s soundtrack as “stark and artsy.” With the momentum of Ride Crazy still going, Barounis continued making music and sifted through dozens of song ideas for The Electrical Fire’s second album, Bubble Moon. Released on April 30, 2013, the album has garnered a lot of attention and quickly earned The Electrical Fire a spot in Boston’s Top 5 EDM artists. With nearly 700 fans and YouTube views in the thousands, The Electrical Fire is off to an electric start in Boston’s music scene!

The newest electric, punk-dance EP by The Electrical Fire, Bubble Moon, is nothing short of energizing, fun, and spontaneous. Awesome for a party, workout, or random solo dance session. The music sounds weird and twisted—and yeah, that’s a good thing!

Anthony Barounis, creator of The Electrical Fire, has taken a risk with this album. His music pushes the boundaries of traditional electronic-dance tunes with an edgier, artsier undertone. Easy to love and dance to.

The Electrical Fire creator, Anthony Barounis, is the Andy Warhol of music with in-your-face originality and edge.


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